SHOREGUARDHigh Energy Structure

The ShoreGuard™ High Energy Structure is different from the Low Energy Structure in both material and design. The High Energy Structure is designed with both varying nearshore and longshore currents in mind. Our patented zigzag design creates greater opportunity for ShoreGuard™ to support Mother Nature in supplying nourishment to accomplish much needed shoreline buildup. From a material standpoint the ShoreGuard™ High Energy Structure is made of high grade carbon steel. The structure is coated with an environmentally friendly coating. SeaBull Marine uses an environmentally safe coating to protect the ShoreGuard™ structure. The coating is an anti-fouling, non-corrosive and non-toxic coating.

Placement of ShoreGuard™ High Energy Structure will normally be placed at a minimum depth of 7 feet during low mean tide. Research indicates the measurement of low tide depth can vary greatly depending on the coastline. Most applications in the state of Florida might require structure placement of 150 to 200 feet from the shoreline on average; however, in the state of California for example, these figures will most definitely average much closer to the shoreline. This difference in state coastlines demonstrates that many installations will require a custom placement predetermined by a review of the coastline from a team of engineers. Results can be maximized by designing the placement of the structure closer to the shoreline. However, the choice of 7 foot minimum depth placement at low mean tide is based on the side of safety. It is important to make sure the ShoreGuard™ High Energy Structure will not hinder boating or swimming traffic. Equally important, is the importance of not taking away from the natural beauty of our beaches or coastal views. Remember, SeaBull has designed a High Energy Structure that is intended to work well below the water surface.

Sections of eroded shoreline at Flagler Beach, Florida:

Sections of the ShoreGuard™ High Energy Structure await installation:

Click on the following pictures to download a flash demonstration of how ShoreGuard's™ patented louver system works, and the positive effects ShoreGuard™ can have your shoreline (these .exe files are safe to download to your computer):

Louver System Demonstration

Structure Demonstration

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