The ShoreGuard™ Low Energy Structure is different from the High Energy Structure in both material and design. The Low Energy Structure is not designed to zigzag as the High Energy Structure does. SeaBull Marine uses aluminum for low energy applications as opposed to the steel used in high energy applications. Low energy currents seen in "back bay" and freshwater environments allow the structure to be fabricated from aluminum. Aluminum is much more responsive and cost-effective for the specific needs of low energy environments.

What SeaBull Marine typically has found, is building permit requirements mandate the ShoreGuard™ Low Energy Structure to be within 10 feet of the shoreline. In addition, the structure will typically show above the water surface. This was deemed as a necessary precaution to avoid boaters and swimmers from coming into accidental contact with ShoreGuard™ due to its close proximity to the shoreline. The ShoreGuard™ Low Energy Structure installation has a fence-like design that runs parallel to the shoreline intended to be repaired. As a prefabricated, custom structure, ShoreGuard™ has the ability to follow the shoreline around curves. The Low Energy Structure has the same function in design as the High Energy Structure, providing the same results for wave action control. The ShoreGuard™ Low Energy Structure has the same affect in stopping erosion while replenishing and stabilizing the shoreline. An additional benefit allows for new growth vegetation to take hold and preserve newly structured soil.

Here are a few "Before and After" photos taken from a restoration project in Crystal Cove Marina in Palatka, Florida. The photos shown below were taken at the beginning of the 5-month period (left side), and at the end of the 5-month period (right side).

A core sample of the rebuilt shoreline during our restoration project in Crystal Cove, Florida, shows a sediment gain of approximately 10 inches:

A part of the Crystal Cove shoreline that was in danger of being lost has now been restored and shows all the signs of returning to a healthy part of the ecosystem.

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